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Why am I unable to complete my booking?


We would suggest that you do not keep trying to make a reservation if your booking fails at the payment stage as this could lead to monies being ring fenced from your account.

We are aware that, during busy times on our website (i.e. during a sale), we can experience higher volume of visitors.  This can have an impact on the speed of the booking process and sometimes, particularly during the confirmation or payment process, causing the page to timeout or go blank.  Before pressing back on your browser and trying again, it's important to check that your booking wasn't processed successfully by checking the 'view/modify my booking' link using your booking criteria, or by checking the email address you used at the time of booking to see whether you have received a confirmation email.

We are also aware that payment for reservations can fail if special characters such as (commas, apostrophes, underscores and accents) appear in the booking information within the name and address fields and also if the telephone number is missing as this field is mandatory.  This information can be updated in your 'My Travelodge' account.

If you are still having problems, please call our Central Reservations team on 08719 84 84 84.



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