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Saver rate cancellation

At Travelodge we have a saver rate and a flexible rate reservation for customers to select when making a booking. Flexible rate bookings are slightly more expensive as customers have the option to cancel this reservation before 12 noon on the day of arrival for a full refund. Our saver rate bookings are predominantly cheaper due to them not being refunded when cancelled.
This is displayed on our website underneath the different rate types, informing customers that saver rates are non-refundable before selecting the preferred rate. This is also mentioned within our Terms & Conditions which a customer must agree to prior to a reservation being created.
If accepting these terms and conditions then customers are agreeing to our Policy that we cannot reimburse for this if a cancellation is requested. I hope you can understand that as customers choosing flexible rate bookings pay more for the ability to cancel and receive a refund; we would need to honour the terms set for both rates.

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